Beautiful 33 Design Excel Chart Date and Time X Axis

Beautiful 33 Design Excel Chart Date and Time X Axis
  excel 2010 chart bunches up sequential time values of x i have some data im plotting over time on a scatter plot in excel 2010 excel is having trouble with auto sizing the x axis which are time values after a certain amount of data points fill in excel chart how to reverse the x axis of time series data if you have numerical data dont make a line chart make an xy chart this treats the x axis data as numerical values if you look at more than the line chart and xy chart icons you will notice excel 2010 chart formatting show only certain dates on x in excel 2010 is it possible to chart a timeline of data with the beginning date of 9 1 2002 and the ending date of 2 29 2012 while only showing the end of year dates on the x axis chart x axis question fixing last date value mrexcel become a registered member free to remove the ads that appear in thread area click here to reset your password you must have a valid e mail address so that you may receive the instructions to comp how to move chart x axis below negative values zero bottom actually we can change the x axis labels position in a chart in excel easily and you can do as follows 1 right click the x axis in the chart and select the format axis from the right clicking men map one column to x axis second to y axis in excel chart for ms excel 2010 i struggled with same issue i e instead of x y chart it was considering two columns as two data series the catch to resolve it is after you select cells including all data points how excel calculates automatic chart axis limits peltier excels automatic axis scaling often seems somewhat mysterious and its not easy to find information about it microsoft has a couple articles in the msdn knowledge base how chart ax custom axis labels and gridlines in an excel chart this excel chart tutorial shows how to add custom axis labels and gridlines where you want them not where excel wants to place them by default help my excel chart columns are too skinny projectwoman its probably happened to you youve created an excel chart and the columns are so narrow they are almost unreadable the chart is ugly and it appears as if theres nothing th c how to change charts x axis interval stack overflow i have a data for each day there are multiple data entries occuring if i want to show this as a stackarea chart excel does this in a perfect way i e displays the date interval on x axis evenly  Beautiful 33 Design Excel Chart Date and Time X Axis

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